30 jun. 2011


En la página de la película en Imdb.com un usuario asegura que tiene una copia del libro. Por supuesto, es bastante improbable pero como las noticias no nos desbordan precisamente pues os pongo lo que según este usuario pasa en el libro. Siempre hay posibilidades de que sea verdad y en ese caso hay SPOILERS a montones, para parar un tren, quedais avisados:

This isn't about the movie but the book. I am not sure if a movie will come out but after reading the latest book, I would not be in the least bit surprised to see it made into a movie. It would fit perfectly as a sequel, it would require some recasting no doubt but I could see it happen.

I received a copy of the book , an ARC edition, through dumb luck. I read it in less than a day and have to say that I am still a little mixed on how I feel about it. So here is some information for those wondering what will happen.

It definatly now has a Twilight-esque vibe to it, it did before but it definatly exists now. I wish they hadn't gone this route, but I can understand why they did.

* It switches quite a bit between John, Number Seven and a little bit of Sarah Hart.

*John and co are leaving Ohio, John still struggling and coming to terms with leaving Sarah but convinced he had to for her protection. Unsure where to go, they hunt out some Mogadorians that Six was tracking. Legacacy's improve quite a bit and the more squads of Mog's they come across...the easier they can deal with. It went from struggling to fight them at the school to taking them out without a problem due to their developing powers. It is clear why the Mog's fear them, as fully developed a Garde is a lethal force. The only reason the Mog's took their planet was by using large beasts that the Loric's were unfamiliar with and were caught off guard...and by surprise attacking when the Elder's were not around.

* Marina, Number 7 is in Spain at a church with her Cepan. She wants to find the others and has been tracking what John has been doing ever since Ohio. Her Cepan however has lost his way and is a church devotee almost complelty forgetting about his Lorian heritage.

* Sarah is not dealing with things too well. She can't concentrate on school, is overly worried if John is safe, describes that the hardest part is that his next phonecall or letter might not come because he is dead, in addition to the government authorities questioning her constantly about John. She was outed as his boyfriend and was seen in a video with him using his powers. She has covered for him but it is wearing her down. Mark feels that she should come clean, because he can see the effect the stress is having on her. She is described as completly changed, her eyes open to the danger of the Mog's...while everyone around her lives their lives without a care in the world.

*More Legacy's, weapons and Lorian history is revealed, and more information about what the Loric's need to do to protect Earth. A fully developed Garde is a supreme fighting force on ones own...but together its a ridiculous force that could take down the Mog army if the fight was brought to them.

*The second ship is kind of explained. A tenth Garde was on it, with strong hints that it is the offspring of one of the elders...possibly Pitticus Lore.

*Information about Sam's dad is revealed. The movie went into more detail then the first book did which surprised me. It kind of proves that when they made the movie..they had an idea of where to go with things. His Dad turns out to be the one that helped Henri and John get situated when they first arrived. Still missing though.

*At one point, Six and Sam split from John. Six finds #7 and her Cepan. John comes across #9. 7 is female, 9 is male. 9 is older than the rest so his powers are more developed. He comes across as a pure badass. The movie over exaggerated Six's abilities compared to the book. The book describes 9 just as Six was in the movie. Its kind of cool.

*The romance part of the book is huge. It went from John and Sarah to now...a love...quadraplet? between John, Six, Sarah and Sam. Sam develops feelings for Six and feels he may have fallen for her. John still in love with Sarah but from working and being close to Six..they too become close. At one point Six kisses John but John isn't sure how to react. It seems to cause some tension between John and Sam.

*After finding 9, John sends him to meet up with Six and then heads back to Paradise, OH. He calls Sarah to ask if it is safe for him there, Sarah lies and says that nobody has questioned about him. She told him that the government had been looking for him in an earlier conversation but she covered for him. She wasn't sure if they were still around but told him they had moved on because she wanted to see him and was afraid he wouldn't come if she told him otherwise. They meet and share a passionate kiss which is led to look like it probably would of turned into...well something beyond kissing but ha...the military shows up and corners them. John feels he could of escaped but he would have to hurt innocent lives and possibly Sarah so he gives up and lets them take him. John is angry at Sarah and thinks that she turned him in, despite her pleading with him that she didn't.

*Six having met up with 7 and also with the 10th Loric child and what seems to be her watcher questions what to do now with John being caught.

So with the Romantic part, I felt it really has become almost like a Twilight clone. It is fairly obvious who the main character loves, but now there is another choice he is fond of. It almost was verbatim of the 2nd Twilight book. The girl was away from the one she loved, but from being around someone else who liked her...she grew fond of him as well. This happens in this book. John loves Sarah but is away from her. Six is around and has grown fond of John. John feels the same way and likes her but still feels loyal and in love with Sarah. I get why they did this, it adds appeal to the age group it is intended for. Plus it adds a conflict between the main characters. Also the Lorian love is explained more. Lorians only fall in love once, and it does not just apply to other Lorians. It can be to a human, an idea, a place or even a religion. This happens to Marina's Cepan, he has fallen in love with the church they are staying at.

About the other stuff, I found they did an excellent job explaining things that were left open in the first book. I wondered how the Lorians planned to fight an army of Mog's but with how well they develop how strong the Lorics...it isn't a mystery now. Throughout the book, I'd say close to 100 Mog's were taken out by John and co. Also they explained the chests each Lorian has and even opened some of them and we get to learn about what is in them. Henri's letter is read and explained, it talks about how Henri was there to hide and also as a favor to Sam's dad who asked him to find his son at some point. Henri went on to say that Paradise, OH was not by chance...everything that happened there...befriending Sam, falling in love with Sarah...was what had to happen and he was happy that they were able to stay there long enough for it to happen.

Overall it was pretty good. I wish they hadn't gone the route of a possible love quartet, I mean it is insanely predictable. There didn't seem to be much of a believable connection between Four and Six, but Sam's feelings were pretty believable. After the way they built up John and Sarah, it just seemed to lack the emotion those tow had.

 Si esto es cierto... menudo follón de parejas que han formado, Sam con Seis pero Seis con Cuatro y Siete y Nueve por ahí en medio. A partir del 23 de Agosto sabremos si todo esto es verdad.

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  1. No sé si será verdad pero si lo es... parece que no está muy contento por el cmino en el que se lleva el romance.

    Seamos claros, viendo la película o leyendo el primer libro hay dos parejas claras:



    Los líos que se invente el autor son eso, líos porque es lo que se lleva, formar triángulos amorosos o como aquí cuartetos amorosos... si lo del beso entre Cuatro y Seis es verdad creo que es un poco cagada porque para mí no pinta nada pero bueno.

    Todo esto suponiendo que sea verdad xDD Y si es mentira hay que ver cómo se aburre la gente para inventarse todo esto aunque he decir que su manera de explicar y relatar me ha parecido bastante convincente, al igual que los datos que da...

  2. la verdad sta saga esta super, yes cierto q 7 es una mujer? segun el libro solo un mujer era de los 9 ero en fin ya q salga n México...y para cuando la peli?

  3. hola soy Jorge de chile y me gustaría saber donde puedo encontrar los libros de la saga!! si alguien me puede responder a mi correo!!


    Gracias, bueno el blog

  4. Aunque no crean la redacción que ella da es correcta, todo es verdad, yo se inglés y conseguí el libro, ya lo acabe de leer y pasa exactamente lo que nos acaba de decir, asi que aunque a mi también me desilociono lo de Sarah y John, pienso que el autor le dara un giro a la historia y la pareja terminara siendo Sarah y Jonh ( OJALA )